How does the card game work in ff9?

How does the card game work in ff9?

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Where are all the Stellazzio in ff9?

For a more specific explanation of each location, see the Stellazzio Guide below.Stellazzio. Location. #* Aries. Dali. Windmill. Taurus. Treno. Behind item shop. Gemini. Treno. Toss 130 gil in first fountain. Cancer. Burmecia. See tipped cart in first area. Leo. Alexandria Harbor. Virgo. Black Mage Village. Libra. Madain Sari.

How do I get to Mognet central ff9?

Mognet’s HQ is located behind a mountain crack on the Cazedil Plains near the northern edge of the Outer Continent. You need Choco’s Mountain ability and some Dead Peppers to access Mognet Central.

How do I get the hammer ff9?

Final Fantasy IX While the player is able to acquire the Hammer by collecting all thirteen Stellazzio coins, it cannot be equipped by any other character and its only purpose is to provide an extra scene in the ending sequence (provided it stays in the inventory), or be used as a Synthesis item to make the Tin Armor.

Does Zidane die ff9?

Zidane is dead. During the end scene, after the battle with Necron, Zidane runs after Kuja to save him from the Iifa Tree. He’s overcome by some vines and him and Kuja are clearly crushed to death in the end of the scene. and the very last scene is Zidane revealing that he was masquerading as Marcus during the play.

What level should I be to beat ff9?

User Info: Flare_Dragon123. Yeah typical end game level is 45 – 55. 60 is probably safer for the final final boss.

Do enemies scale in ff9?

No, all enemies’ levels are fixed.

What does the level up ability do in ff9?

LV Up is a command ability learned by the Guardian Force Tonberry. It enables the player to increase the target’s Level, allowing for better item drops, steals, EXP, and Draws, at the cost of making the enemy more powerful, although bosses are immune to the ability.