How do you play Munchkin collectible card game?

How do you play Munchkin collectible card game?

In the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, your goal is to hurl Monsters, Loot, and Mischief cards at your opponent until they have taken damage equal to or greater than their life. Meanwhile you also must protect yourself with Loot, Allies, and the occasional well-timed Run Away.

How many cards do you start with in Munchkin?

four cards

What is a red card drinking?

According to an article in Critic, the red card is a kind of scarfie tradition where each member of a flat has the opportunity to “red card” a fellow housemate. When they “pull” their red card, the other person has to complete any challenge set. Alcohol is not mandatory but is often involved.

What is ride the bus drinking game?

Ride the bus is a drinking game played through using a standard pack of cards. The object of the game is to have the fewest cards at the end of the round.

What are the rules of waterfall?

Ace: Waterfall – Once an ace is drawn, everyone starts to drink. The player who picked the card can stop whenever he/she wants, but others have to keep drinking. Once he/she decides to stop, the player on his/her right can stop and so on. The last player in the ring has to finish last.

How do you ride the bus drinking game?

The dealer lays 10 cards face down. One by one, the dealer flips a card over. If it’s a number card, nothing happens and the dealer continues to the next card. If it’s a face card or an Ace, the player riding the bus has to drink: One drink for a Jack, two for a Queen, three for a King and four for an Ace.