How do you beat Mecinar in Elder Scrolls Legends?

How do you beat Mecinar in Elder Scrolls Legends?

How to Beat Mecinar (CC Quest)Cast Brillant Experiment and target your Dwarven Spider.Cast Stell Dagger and target your Gearwork Spider.Attack the Awakened Imperfect with your Gearwork Spider.Cast Excavate to draw your Steel Dagger from your graveyard.This triggers your support and you can summon the Awakened Imperfect in a lane.

How do you beat Almalexia Elder Scrolls Legends?

1 arrest the doomcrag, 2 use the 1/1s to kill the 0/5 and 2/3, 3 use the guard to hit face to pilfer the move, then use the ash servant in the lane with the doomcrag to hit a leviathan for lethal damage. There’s 1 leviathan left and he can’t hit past the guard.

How do you beat the heart of Lorkhan?

How to Beat The Heart Of Lorkhan (The Tools) CWC QuestActivate the Sunder II support and move the Awakened Imperfect out of the shadow lane.Summon your Cauldron Keeper and give your supports a second activation.Activate the Wraithguard II support and give your Blackreach Rebuilder Ward.Activate the Keening II support and target the shadow lane.

Who is Almalexia?

Almalexia, also known as Almalexia the Lover, Almalexia the Warden, and Ayem, was one of the three God-Kings who constituted the Tribunal, or Almsivi, along with Vivec and Sotha Sil. As a living god, she became the consort of Vivec, who associated her with the stars.