How do I setup my Elgato 4k?

How do I setup my Elgato 4k?

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How do I stream 4k capture utility?

How to enable Stream Link in 4K Capture UtilityOpen 4K Capture Utility.Open the 4K Capture Utility settings at the top right.In the General tab, check the box labeled Enable Stream Link.Below, you can choose the resolution of Stream Link, up to a maximum of 1080p60.

What is Elgato 4k capture utility?

This Smart Folder system lives within the 4K Capture Utility’s Library Tab. This update also will automatically sort recordings from different games (depending on the metadata on the Capture Tab) into different physical folders for easier organization and file management.

How do I add a webcam to Game Capture HD?

Go to the Capture tab, and check the “Enable Stream Command” option. Please Note: When Stream Command is on, then you can use Image and Webcam overlays, along with the gameplay video stream.