Do Snapper cards expire?

Do Snapper cards expire?

Expiry: The Card will expire if the Card is not used, and no Stored Value or Travel Passes are added to the Card; and for a continuous period of five (5) years and eleven (11) months. When a Card expires, any Stored Value remaining on the Card will be forfeited to Snapper on the date the Card expires.

How do Snapper cards work?

Use your Snapper card on the bus Hold your Snapper card to the Snapper fish on the reader. You'll hear a beep and see a green tick on the screen to let you know you've tagged on. As you leave the bus, tag off at the back the same way you tagged on and you'll automatically be charged the right amount.

How do I check the balance on my Snapper card?

To check your balance at a Snapper retailer, ask the retailer to perform a card inquiry. This will display your real-time balance on the screen, or you can ask the retailer to print you out a receipt.

Can Snapper card go into negative?

“Please pay the driver” A negative balance will display on the card reader. You'll need to top up the amount shown before you can use your Snapper to board the bus. This could be the result of an IOU, forgetting to tag off the last time you travelled or your pass is not valid on the current bus route.