Can you play exploding kittens online with friends?

Can you play exploding kittens online with friends?

Exploding Kittens A sometimes grotesque cat-themed card game where players try to avoid drawing the titular exploding kitten. This mobile game is nearly identical to the physical deck, the only changes being some exclusive cards. The online version features a solo mode as well as multiplayer.

How do you play exploding kittens and imploding kittens?

ContentsDeal 7 cards face down to each player. Deal 1 Defuse Card to each player, for a total hand of 8 cards per player. Insert the Imploding Kitten and enough Exploding Kittens back into the deck, so that the total number of Kittens (Imploding and Exploding) is one fewer than the number of people playing.

Can you nope a targeted attack?

If you play an Attack card and someone plays a Nope on top of it, this means that you still have to draw a card and the next player does NOT have to take two turns. Nope cards neutralize any cards beneath them, so it would be like the Attack card was never played in the first place.