Can Redbox still charge a Cancelled card?

Can Redbox still charge a Cancelled card?

In answer to the charges for rental, if you’ve cancelled the card because it is no longer in your possession, but being used to rent games, once you cancelled said card, no charges can be placed on it.

What happens if I lose a Redbox game?

You have 25 days to return the movie before the system automatically charges you the purchase price of the disc ($25 + tax for standard DVDs and $34.50 + tax for Blu-ray Discs), and the movie is yours to keep.

Can you rent from Redbox with a prepaid card?

Yes, Redbox does accept debit & prepaid cards. How would you rate Redbox’s debit & prepaid card support? Yes, Redbox &url(does accept debit & prepaid cards).

How do I pick up a Redbox reservation without a credit card?

Once you locate the movie you want to reserve, click Hold DVD for Pickup or Hold Blu-ray for Pickup. In the box that appears, enter your ZIP code or address to see a list of nearby Redbox kiosks. Click Hold for pickup by the location you prefer, and then click Check out to pay for the rental.