Why did Star Trek Voyager end so abruptly?

Why did Star Trek Voyager end so abruptly?

The series finalle ended abruptly partly because we never really got to explore what the show was set out to be about – a ship and its crew struggling to survive.

What happens at the end of Star Trek Voyager?

Voyager destroys the ship, however, and in the end, the Queen is only right in her prediction that Admiral Janeway will also cease to exist. Admiral Janeway chooses the fate of assimilation and certain death, knowing that if the plan works, she will die anyway since the future will be rewritten by her actions.

What happened to seven of nine at the end of Voyager?

Seven of Nine’s backstory was explained during the course of Star Trek: Voyager. She was born on the Tendara Colony on Stardate 25479 to Magnus and Erin Hansen, and was named Annika. Two years later, Seven of Nine, along with three other drones, crashed on a planet and they were separated from the Borg Collective.

Do they ever get home in Star Trek Voyager?

Yes, in the last episode. Using Borg technology and with some help from a future Kathryn Janeway, the crew made it home in the last few minutes of the final episode. We see Janeway only briefly on a screen after their arrival home. She shows up as an admiral in the movie Star Trek:Nemesis.

Does Janeway die?

Although Seven manages to escape, Janeway is killed. Her memorial service sees a vast turnout, and a tall gleaming pillar with a light burning atop it is constructed in tribute to her. The Q female appears to Janeway’s spirit, and tells her that Q and the Q Continuum had taken an interest in her.

Did Janeway kill all the Borg?

In this sense, no the Borg were not destroyed at the end of Voyager.

Why is Q afraid of Guinan?

The only time I noticed him being “afraid” of Guinan was when the continuum had stripped him of his power and made him human. At that point he was simply afraid of her taking revenge. Guinan has her hands up in a fighting stance as if there was something she could do to Q.

Who defeated the Borg?

There, what was to be Starfleet’s last line of defense turned into a massacre — 39 starships destroyed by one Borg cube. The crew of the Enterprise-D eventually managed to sever Locutus from the Borg Collective, save Picard, and ultimately defeat the Borg.

Is 7 of 9 the new Borg Queen?

Seven Of Nine Became The Borg Queen She attached herself to the device in the Borg Queen’s chambers, which then gave her control of every remaining Borg in stasis in the cube.

What species is the Borg Queen?

The Borg Queen was the designation for a Borg of Species 125 that acts as the “governing” entity for the Collective.

What is wrong with Picard?

One of the story elements of “The Next Generation” epic series finale, “All Good Things” parts 1 & 2 (S07, E25) was that Picard had developed a degenerative neurological disorder called Irumodic syndrome.

Do the Borg still exist in Picard?

In fact, Picard recently revealed in its fifth episode, “Stardust City Rag” that Picard has yet to feel like he has regained all the humanity the Borg took from him 30 years ago.

Are the Borg aware of Q?

So yes, the Borg are aware of the Q from assimilating humans that have had contact with them. No, they don’t know HOW to assimilate them as their assimilation is based on doing so by biomechanical means.

Will Q be in Picard?

Star Trek Hints Q Will Return In Picard Series Based on the recent appearance in Lower Decks, however, that looks to change. Although de Lancie would reprise the role for a few episodes in later series, none of these Q appearances are as memorable or significant as his contributions to TNG.

Why is there a Borg Queen?

The reason there was/is a Borg Queen is because in any system there is a regulator/controller. Any program that would make up the Borg would ultimately create several regulating “drones” which is what “Queens” are.

Are the Borg bad?

The Borg are hostile to humanity, but they have their own ethical system that is objectively no more or less correct than the Federation’s. The Borg got a little bit more personified with each subsequent appearance, culminating in the Queen. At that point, they were just bad guys.

Why did the Borg Queen say see you soon Harry?

The Borg Queen is basically warning Janeway, If you come after mine, I’ll come after yours. Harry being the youngest of the crew means that even the ones Janeway protects most won’t be safe from her. It’s like what you see in every gangster movie. They don’t come after you, they come after your family first.

How old is the Borg?

Canon puts the Borg’s arrival as a space faring power at around 1,000 years ago. But we know the Borg components were being developed on the Borg “homeworld” many ages before that. All the more entertaining when the Borg queen calls herself the beginning and the end. Others have mentioned the Canon timeframe.

Can the Borg be defeated?

With their technology at least as advanced as any other civilisation in the galaxy, the Borg have the galaxy’s largest population and industrial capacity by far, and therefore cannot be defeated.

Is VGER the Borg?

While it is repeated that voyager 6 encountered a race of machine beings never before or since encountered, as of yet, the race of beings V’ger encountered clearly were NOT the Borg.