Who says transfer in Jacoby?

Who says transfer in Jacoby?

Jacoby Transfers are used after a player has opened or overcalled a natural 1NT and his partner holds at least one 5-card major suit. Responder naturally wants his side to play in his long suit, but with a weak hand, he would prefer his partner to play the contract.

What does a transfer mean in bridge?

A ‘transfer’ is a bid in a suit, telling partner to bid another suit. It is normal that the transfer-suit is one below the suit required to be bid by partner.

What is minor suit Stayman?

Minor-suit Stayman is a convention after a NT opening, indicating at least invitational strength and at least 5-4 in the minors. In most partnerships, to use MSS over 1NT, bidding 2♠ initiates the convention. Opener’s rebid are as follows: 2NT — no 4-card minor. 3♣ — 4-card ♣, may have 4-card.

What is a convenient minor in bridge?

Called the “convenient minor” convention, partner would open one club or diamond, bidding the longer and stronger suit. If partner is 4-4 in the minors, then partner opens one diamond – this allows partner to respond two clubs at the next opportunity. And, if partner is 3-3 in the minors, then partner opens one club.

How many points do you need to respond in bridge?