What is the point of Magic The Gathering?

What is the point of Magic The Gathering?

Magic: The Gathering is a card game in which wizards cast spells, summon creatures, and exploit magic objects to defeat their opponents. In the game, two or more players each assemble a deck of 60 cards with varying powers. They choose these decks from a pool of some 20,000 cards created as the game evolved.

How can I learn Magic The Gathering?

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How do you get a welcome deck in Magic The Gathering?

If you are interested in obtaining a welcome deck, please use the Store & Event Locator to find the store nearest you. That store should have Welcome Decks to freely distribute to interested players.

How do you introduce someone in Magic The Gathering?

They do not need to know every keyword ability, how Storm works, or how to Draft for now. The best way to introduce someone to Magic is by bringing them to an MTG open-day event at a Local Games Shop. During these events, new players are given Welcome Decks and shown, together with other new players, how to play Magic.