What is a trump suit in bridge?

What is a trump suit in bridge?

In bridge, the bidding often designates a suit as the trump suit. If the final contract has a suit associated with it 4, 3, 2, or even 1, for example that suit becomes the trump suit for the entire hand. Often, in bridge books, a single card like the four of spades is written 4 because it saves space.

What does it mean to ruff in bridge?

In trick-taking games, to ruff means to play a trump card to a trick (other than when trumps were led). In others, like Bridge and Whist, he may instead discard (play any card in any other suit). Normally, ruffing will win a trick.

What does Trump mean in the dictionary?

To trump is to outrank or defeat someone or something, often in a highly public way.

Where does the phrase trump card come from?

The English word trump derives from trionfi, a type of 15th-century Italian playing cards, from the Latin triumphus “triumph, victory procession”, ultimately (via Etruscan) from Greek θρίαμβος, the term for a hymn to Dionysus sung in processions in his honour.

Where did the phrase trumped up come from?

Trumped-up was first recorded in the early 18th century, and it comes from the idiomatic trump up, “devise deceitfully or dishonestly.”

What does the phrase trumped up mean?

: fraudulently concocted : spurious trumped-up charges.

What does Ruffing mean?

wins the trick

What is cross Ruffing?

cross·ruff A series of plays in games of the whist family in which partnership hands alternately trump suits led by the other partner. v. cross·ruffed, cross·ruff·ing, cross·ruffs. To perform a crossruff or a series of crossruffs. To trump (one’s partner’s lead or a lead from the dummy) in alternating plays.

What does roughing it mean?

phrase. If you have to rough it, you have to live without the possessions and comforts that you normally have. [informal]

What is French Ruff?

Triumph, also called trump, 16th-century card game ancestral to whist. In triomphe, the French variety known to English contemporaries as French ruff, each player received five cards, a trump was turned, and the aim was to win three or more tricks. From this derived écarté and five-card loo.

Why is a jack called a bower?

It derives from a 19th-century Alsatian game called juckerspiel from the fact that its two top trumps are Jucker, meaning “jack.” This word may also have influenced the choice of the term joker for the extra card introduced into American euchre in the 1860s to act as the “best bower,” or topmost trump; bower is from …

What state is euchre most popular?

The game spread throughout the United States, however retained its largest popularity in the Midwest states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. During the 19th century, Euchre was often heralded as the national card game of the country.

How do you play ruff and honors?

The holder of the Ace of trump “ruffs”, i.e. takes in the Stock and discards any four cards; the dealer ruffs if the exposed top card is the ace. Play begins with the person to the dealers left. The player leads a card and all other players follow suit if possible. A player who cannot follow suit may play any card.

How do you play the card game speculation?

RulesObject. To hold the highest trump card when all cards in play have been revealed.Set-up. The dealer antes six chips. Play. If the trump determining card was an Ace, the dealer wins immediately. Variant rules. Anyone at any time may offer to buy any number of face down cards from another player.

What are Honour cards?

The five highest cards in each suit (A- K – Q – J – 10) are called the honours or honour cards.

How many cards do you get in 31?

Three cards