What is a convenient minor in bridge?

What is a convenient minor in bridge?

In Standard American bidding, an opening bid of 1H or 1S promises at least five cards in that suit. This is often called the "convenient minor" because it starts the bidding at a low level and gives you plenty of room to look for a major-suit fit.

What does a 1 club opening bid mean?

The Strong Club System is a set of bidding conventions and agreements used in the game of contract bridge and is based upon an opening bid of 1♣ as being an artificial forcing bid promising a strong hand. The strong 1 ♣ opening is assigned a minimum strength promising 16 or more high card points.

What does a short club bid in bridge mean?

The 'Short Club' also called the 'preferred minor' bid is used when you have opening hand points but you have no ability of making this suit into the trump suit. It is a waiting bid and tells partner you have opening points and only if you rebid the suit it a second time is it a real suit.

How do you respond to 1nt in bridge?

The most well-known examples is the Jacoby Transfer bids of 2♦ or 2♥ over 1NT to show the next suit up. In response to a 1NT opening bid, responder with a 5 card or longer major suit, bids the suit ranking immediately below the one he holds. Opener is obliged to bid the next suit up which is responder's actual suit.

What is a 4 card major in bridge?

The concept. Typically when a bridge player makes a natural bid in a major suit (hearts or spades), he is promising at least four cards in that suit and asking partner if it will be an advantageous trump suit for the partnership.

How many points do you need for Michaels Cue Bid?

Michaels Cue Bid. Michaels is a cue-bid that promises a two-suited hand, with at least five cards in each suit. There is no point minimum for making a Michaels overcall, although obvious factors like vulnerability should be considered.