What is a bridge player called?

What is a bridge player called?

bridge player – a card player in a game of bridge; "we need a 4th hand for bridge" hand. bidder – someone who makes a bid at cards. bridge partner – one of a pair of bridge players who are on the same side of the game. card player – someone who plays (or knows how to play) card games.

What is a big win at bridge called?

Grand slam. Any seven-bid; a contract to win all 13 tricks. Honor. Any of the cards: ace, king, queen, jack or ten. Invitational.

What are the rules of bridge?

The essential features of all bridge games, as of whist, are that four persons play, two against two as partners; a standard 52-card deck of playing cards is dealt out one at a time, clockwise around the table, so that each player holds 13 cards; and the object of play is to win tricks, each trick consisting of one

What does game mean in bridge?

"Game" has a special meaning when you play bridge We now know that the opener needs 11 TP (or 12-14 HCP if bid is 1NT) to start the bidding. Opener's partner is called the responder. Responder needs only 6 HCP to make a minimum bid but, if they have enough points, in their combined hands they should bid to "Game."

What is the object of the card game bridge?

What is a compulsory correction in bridge?

The action of passing over a take-out double in order to score a penalty when you have strong opposition in the trump suit. Correct (to) : To bid the suit promised by partner. Correction is not always mandatory.

What is a bridge hand with no points called?

Bridge players use “yarborough” to designate a hand with no high-card points and NO TENS. Some bridge players loosely use the term “yarborough” to apply to any worthless (or nearly worthless) hand.