Is Lewis Brindley in a relationship?

Is Lewis Brindley in a relationship?

Lewis is an atheist. It was hinted during the 2018 Jingle Jam Livestreams that Lewis was in a relationship, but no other details were given.

Why was SJIN kicked out of the yogscast?

In August 2019, Sjin announced he had parted ways with the Yogscast after allegations of sexual misconduct/breaching of company code of conduct. He stated that he plans to continue as an independent content creator in the future.

Is Tom still in the yogscast?

Yogscast Website Summary After a long struggle, he is now officially recognised as the real Tom of the Yogscast and heads ‘The council of Toms’.

What is happening with the yogscast?

In July 2019, The Yogscast cut ties with Meredith amongst allegations of sexual harassment from eight women including staff members and a request was sent to Twitch for Meredith to be dissociated with the group.

Is that mad cat a girl?

Shortly after Lewis’ statement, MadCat posted a final video to his Youtube channel. This video contains a voiceover of a Polish woman reading out a statement of apology, and a figure with long blonde hair. It has been confirmed by Yogscast members that MadCat is a male, so it is unknown who the person in the video is.

Who is the new CEO of the yogscast?

Rich Keith, full name Richard James Keith, is the current General Manager at the Yogscast, working at YogTowers, who joined in October 2013 and then temporarily left in June 2015 on good terms only to rejoin again in February 2016.

Did Kim leave the yogscast?

On Novem, Kim released a video called “Yogscast Kim: The Next Chapter!” in which she talked about YouTube as a platform and spoke about her future on it. She has not left and will not leave the Yogscast family for the foreseeable future.

Is yogscast dead?

The Yogscast that made revolutionary Minecraft series (before minecraft was dead) and went to strange “battleship” LAN parties, Gamescom (before it was popular), and Blizzcon. The Yogscast that is, unfortunately, never coming back…

How much is Lewis Brindley worth?

Net Worth and Salary Lewis Brindley’s current net worth is estimated to be at around $3 million. His primary source of income is their company, The Yogscast, and the YouTube channel he developed with his friend Simon, YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon.

Will strife banned from yogscast servers?

William Strife, under the usernames Will Strife and Strife, is a Content Producer and former member of the Yogscast. On Febru Mark Hulmes confirmed on Reddit, that Will had left The Yogscast due to a fallout with their current network, contracts on Twitch, and a lack of communication on both ends.

Is Lewis still dating Hannah?

For those who are unsure, Hannah confirmed (here: that she and Lewis are no longer dating.

How much is Simon Lane worth?

According to various sites, Simon Lane’s net worth currently stands at approximately $1 million.

Does Simon still work at yogscast?

Simon took a hiatus from the Yogscast in March 2015, with a video explaining his sudden absence. Despite returning to several series on the main channel, he had a diminished involvement with Yogscast projects during his recuperation throughout 2016.

Who is currently in the yogscast?

Yogscast Content CreatorsLewis.Simon.Duncan.Sips.Kim.Hat Films.Martyn.Nilesy.

Who has left the yogscast?

Chief executive Mark Turpin was suspended and then resigned over the issue, while content creator Matthew Meredith, who had more than 100,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, was removed from the company.

Is the spiffing Brit part of the yogscast?

The Spiffing Brit, known to his friends as Spiff, is a Content Producer for the Yogscast. He joined the Yogscast in 2019, and took part in that year’s Christmas livestreams.

Did Hannah leave the yogscast?

Hannah Rutherford, under the username Lomadiah, is a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer, and a former Content Producer for the Yogscast. Hannah announced her departure from the Yogscast on October 28th, 2019.

Is Zylus dating Mousie?

As of October 2019, Mousie has moved to the Netherlands and currently lives together with fellow Yogscast streamer Zylus in Hilversum. On May 3rd 2020, Mousie and Zylus announced their relationship publicly on her YouTube channel and on Twitch.