Is Drury a good convention?

Is Drury a good convention?

The Drury Convention. The Drury Convention is an artificial 2C response that’s used by a passed hand after partner opens 1H or 1S in third or fourth seat. Drury is a very valuable convention that comes up frequently, is easy to remember and can dramatically improve your bidding accuracy.

What is the difference between Drury and reverse Drury?

Two-Way Reverse Drury is a variation of the Drury convention. It allows a passed hand to show 3- and 4-card limit raises after partner opens 1 or 1 .

What is reverse Drury?

After a Third or Fourth Seat opening of a Major suit, the responder, who is a passed hand, shows a strong raise with at least 3-card support, and 10-12 point range, by bidding 2 . The opener will sign off on the Two Level with a minimum hand, and this is known as Reverse Drury.

Is Drury on over a double?

It is not a good idea to use Drury over interference. If the opponents double (or overcall) after the major-suit opening, you should just play “natural.” > To play this convention, make sure you can remember it, have discussed which way you play it (I suggest as above), and if you are using 2-way.

When should you not use Blackwood?

When do you not use Blackwood: Void suits 2. A suit without first or second round control, or 3. A hand where a possible response could get you too high. Example: You open 1S with the following hands and partner raises to 3S (limit).