How many tickets did venom sell?

How many tickets did venom sell?

Venom sold about 8.6 million tickets over the weekend, beating previous record holder Scary Movie 3 — released 15 years ago this month — by more than half a million people.

How much money did venom make at the box office?

856.1 million USD

How much did Deadpool 2 make at the box office?

785.8 million USD

Did Brad Pitt do a cameo in Deadpool 2?

Deadpool 2 had its version of the X-Force team, which included Vanisher, who was invisible until he died and was revealed to be Brad Pitt. until he electrocuted himself and was revealed to be Brad Pitt. It was a very brief cameo appearance, but it’s one viewers won’t forget – and here’s the story behind it.

How much did Brad Pitt get paid for once upon a time in Hollywood?

Most recently, Pitt was paid $10 million for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

How much money did Ryan Reynolds get for Deadpool?

“For me, I thought I was, like, a gajillionaire,” the actor told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan in a 2016 interview. “For $150 a day, it was like a dream come true.” Reynolds was paid a base salary of $2 million for the first Deadpool movie, with many more millions streaming in thanks to backend deals.

Will there be a Green Lantern 2 movie?

The sequel is permanently cancelled. The series will be rebooted as Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern is a stand-alone film. A post credit scene from Deadpool 2 shows the character shooting his alter ego Ryan Reynolds in the head after reading the film’s script.

How much did the Green Lantern movie make?

219.9 million USD

Are the Yellow Lanterns evil?

The Sinestro Corps, also called Yellow Lanterns Corps, is one of several villainous groups found in the Green Lantern section of the DC universe, they utilize the “yellow” power of fear (found in the cosmic entity Parallax) to enforce their own version of “justice” across the universe, their name is taken from their …

Is atrocitus a good guy?

Prime Earth Atrocitus. Atrocitus, formerly known as Atros, is a DC Comics supervillain/anti-hero found in the Green Lantern comics. He is the leader (and first member) of the Red Lantern Corps, which embodies the emotion of rage and anger.