How do you play transfers in bridge?

How do you play transfers in bridge?

The Jacoby transfer, or simply transfers, in the card game contract bridge, is a convention in most bridge bidding systems initiated by responder following partner’s notrump opening bid that forces opener to rebid in the suit ranked just above that bid by responder.

When can you transfer in bridge?

A Transfer bid is the bid of a suit below the one held and it normally asks partner to bid the suit that has been shown. Transfer bidding represents one of the greatest developments in modern day bridge. The main way in which transfer bidding is used today is after 1NT and 2NT opening bids.

Who says transfer in bridge?

Question:When do I say “Transfer”? Answer:After you have opened the bidding 1NT if your partner has responded either 2 or 2 you say “Transfer” right away. So BEFORE your RHO has a chance to bid. On the following hands you opened the bidding 1NT.

What is a jump shift in bridge?

To tell your partner the good news, you usually jump shift, responding one level higher than necessary in another suit. Your jump shift is a game force (neither player can pass until a game contract is reached). To show a hand with four- or five-card support for your partner’s suit, plus 17 or more SP.