How do you play cross the bridge?

How do you play cross the bridge?

In Across the Bridge, ten cards from a shuffled deck are placed faced down in a line. Players then try to cross the bridge by flipping over cards. If a player flips over a numbered card, they continue to flip over the next card.

Who is crossing the bridge and why are they Travelling?

Answer: the people in war zone are crossing the bridge.

Why does the old man sit at the bridge without moving?

Why did the old man continue to sit without moving with the other villagers? Answer: The old man continued to sit because he was too tired to walk further.

What is the job of soldier at the bridge?

the soldier is a scout whose duty is to cross the bridge and find how far the enemy has advanced he engage himself in the conversation with the old man.

Why is the old man the last one to leave his town?

the old man was the last one to leave his town because he was 72 years and had walked 12 km and was too tired to walk any further. moreover he was anxious for his animals which he was taking care of in his hometown.

Why does the narrator ask the old man to leave that place?

Answer: The narrator asks the old man to leave the place because the narrator is a soldier and he is worried about the old man’s safety. He is only performing his duty as a soldier by telling the old man to leave the place.

Why was he the last to leave his place?

In the story, the old man tells the narrator that he was told by the army captain to leave. The old man left his home in San Carlos because his town was under enemy attack. Despite his decision, however, he regrets that he had to leave his animals behind.

What is the message of the story old man at the bridge?

“The Old Man at the Bridge” by Ernest Hemingway is the tragedy of war. The author’s intention is to illustrate the way wars disrupt the lives of innocent people who are caught up in the middle, but also the way it frustrates those who cannot do anything about it (0bservers and foreigners).

What good luck did the old man have is it really good luck?

Explanation: The good luck that the old would ever have is that the cat can look after itself so the could survive their. The enemy planes were not up in the sky due to the overcast weather conditions. So there probably was no chance of bombing.

Why Cannot the old man walk for the why does he refused to do so?

Answer. The old man could not walk further and he refused to do so because he was seventy-six years old man and had travelled twelve kilometers from his home town San Carlos to the pontoon bridge in the story old man at the bridge.

What did the soldier ask the old man to do save himself why did he ask him to do so?

The narrator urged the old man to catch a ride on a truck to Barcelona and leave that place to save his life. He asked him to do so because there was a danger to his life. The enemy planes could hit that place any time.

Why does the old man mention his age?

The old man is concerned that the animals may not escape the artillery when he “was told to leave because of the artillery.” He means that he doesn’t have political ties or affiliations. He mentions his age because he believes he is too old to be walking as far as he has to escape war started by politics.

How old the man is without politics How does his age affect him?

“As the age comes the Power to walk & fight goes away….”…the old man is not in politics as he was just taking care of his animals….and nothing else…his old age has made him too weak to walk….he has left his homes and thus all his memories are being burned by the aggressors…..he hated to leave his town but …

Why does the old man finally resigns to his fate?

The man is resigned to his fate because he is old and tired. The war has rendered him homeless and hapless and has wiped out everything. The old man’s fate is symbolic of the lives of so many ordinary people who have suffered during the war. He is in despair as he has not taken care of his animals.

Why are old man’s clothes dusty?

Answer Expert Verified The old man’s clothes were dusty because he was sitting by the roadside for a very long time. The dust on his clothes was from the heavy traffic that kept plying on the road. He did not cross the bridge because he felt feeble and weak.

What is the appearance of the old man?

The old man was wearing black dusty clothes and had gray rimmed spectacles. He had a gray dusty face and was sitting on the bridge, not moving, while all the other peasents proceeded to the trucks.