How do you lead a Contract Bridge?

How do you lead a Contract Bridge?

To Notrump Contracts: You usually want to make an attacking opening lead to set up tricks in your long suit. Lead the fourth-best card (count down from the top) from your longest and strongest suit unless: Partner has bid a suit. You should then lead his suit.

Why should you never lead away from an ace in bridge?

Leading away from an Ace is common against notrump contracts. Declarer won’t later be able to ruff our Ace. If we lead the K, declarer will eventually get a trick with the Q.

What does it mean to Underlead an ace in bridge?

Leading a card UNDERNEATH your Ace. If you lead a suit with an Ace in it and don’t lead your Ace, you are underleading your Ace. This is something that you NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do in a suit (or trump) contract. By a suit contract I mean a contract in which the opponents are playing where there is trump.

What are the best leads in bridge?

from a suit headed by an honour, defender generally leads the fourth best card, allowing partner to employ the Rule of 11. from an honourless suit, the highest or second-highest is normally led, especially against suit contracts; some partnerships lead fourth best against notrump though.