How do you get to the pit in the forest?

How do you get to the pit in the forest?

Reaching the BottomGo through Cave 7, which will open up a pair of sacrificial doors at the bottom of the sinkhole, allowing the player to walk straight in.Jump/slide down ledges on the walls. Build a set of stairs. Use the climbing axe to help climb down. Building a freestanding zipline across the sinkhole.

How do you build a bridge in the forest?

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Where is Cave 7 in the forest?

Cave 7 – Chasm Cave (north) – Sinkhole Cave (south) The accessible entrance to Cave 7 (squeeze-in) can be found after crossing the northern-most land bridge connecting the peninsula to the mountains. It is the most difficult cave in terms of length, complexity, navigation, and number/types of enemies present.

Where is the map in the forest?

The map can be found in Cave 2 (the ‘Hanging Cave’), the closest entrance can be found in the main village, inside one of the huts. When you die the first time, you also get dragged to this location, the place where you are hanging is extremely close to the map, as well as the compass.

Are there cheats in the forest?

The Forest is absolutely packed to the brim with cheat codes and console commands that can mess with practically everything in the game’s code. You can activate anything from a god mode to an iron man-type mode that deletes your save data when you die.

What is the strongest weapon in the forest?

Top 5 Best Weapons in The Forest & How to Get ThemCrafted Club. The Crafted Club is a melee weapon in The Forest, and one of the best available. Modern Axe. Next up is the Modern Axe, which is the best of all axes available in The Forest. Katana. Moving onto our final melee weapon, the Katana. Upgraded Spear. Modern Bow.

Does SOS do anything in the forest?

Other | Constructing The Forest Guide SOS Signal serves, for the time being, only an immerse-building mechanic. SOS Signal – an SOS signal created with rocks. Placing it on the ground causes a plane to appear on the sky, At the moment (version 1.0), players cannot interact with the plane in any way.

How many endings are in the forest?

two endings

Where is the best AXE in the forest?

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What is the best armor in the forest?

Creepy Armour

Where is the rusty AXE in the forest?

submerged cave

Where is the climbing AXE in the forest?

cave 9

Where is the keycard for the boat the forest?

It can be found next to the Resurrection Obelisk only after defeating the End Boss. It is located on the inventory screen backpack next to the first Keycard. It appears much cleaner than the other keycards. Additionally, the gold colored Keycard Two may be used to unlock the security door on the Yacht.

How do you get a chainsaw without a AXE in the forest?

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How do I turn up cave brightness in the forest?

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How do you enter cheats in the forest?

how to use The Forest console commands and cheatsStep 1: Go to Options > Gameplay > Allow Cheats (On)Step 2: Main Menu > type [developermodeon] – this will allow console commands.Step 3: Press F1 to open/close the console > type/enter console > hit Enter.

How can I make my games brighter?

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Where is the flashlight in the forest?

It can be found in caves.

Can you find Timmy in the forest?

The Forest Hello Guys, today i want to show you how to find Timmy in 1 hour or less. Step 1: go to the red circle on the map and go inside the cave, you will find a climbing tool. step 4: go to the red circle on the map and go inside the cave, you will find Timmy.

Where is the main cannibal village?

Main VillageMain Cannibal VillageAdded in?Location(s)South East from the center of mapThe Forest MapAltitudeFair height above sea level9