How do you complete a bridge crossing?

How do you complete a bridge crossing?

Answer : First, the persons with speeds of 3 seconds and 1 second will cross the bridge while holding the torch. The 1 second person will stay on the other side of the bridge and 3 second person will come back with the torch. Then the 8 and 12 second persons will cross the bridge.

How do you solve the bridge Riddle?

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Why does the narrator think it was his business to cross the bridge?

❣️ANSWER ❣️ He says, ‘It was my business to cross the bridge, explore the bridgehead beyond and find out to what point the enemy had advanced. The old man does not seem in the least concerned about the advancing enemy or about his own possible danger. He is only concerned about the animals he had to leave behind.

What is all the good luck that the old man would ever have?

Explanation: The good luck that the old would ever have is that the cat can look after itself so the could survive their. The enemy planes were not up in the sky due to the overcast weather conditions. So there probably was no chance of bombing.

How old the man is without politics How does his old age affect him?

“As the age comes the Power to walk & fight goes away….”…the old man is not in politics as he was just taking care of his animals….and nothing else…his old age has made him too weak to walk….he has left his homes and thus all his memories are being burned by the aggressors…..he hated to leave his town but …

Why did the old man sit down again in the dust What light does his action throw on his character?

He was very tired to get up, he tried to walk but due to his weakness he again sat there on the dusty place and walk further because he was a 76-year weak old man and he had already travelled a distance of 12km. It shows that now at this age the old man was very old and he was only capable of taking care of animals.

What does the narrator think about the old man’s fate?

The narrator thake pity on old man because he knows that now nothing can console him to go away from the brigde he tried his beat but the old man thanks the narrator and sa8d him to go away.So at last the narrator went away from the bridge with a sad ending.

Why did the old man say I was only taking care of animals explain?

The old man said that he was only taking care of animals because he was not having a family . He just have his animals whom he loved the most . Moreover, he is worried about his animals as they were abandoned by him because of war.

What does the narrator mean when he says there was nothing to do about him?

Answer: a. When the narrator says that there was nothing to do about him, he refers to the fact that the old man was unwilling to go anywhere and kept repeating about his animals. The soldier told him that he could catch a truck to Barcelona, but the old man couldn’t move.