Does Omid have to die in Season 2?

Does Omid have to die in Season 2?

Omid is the first character to die in Season 2.

Can you save Omid and Christa?

Do not worry, both of them will be saved. When it comes to the statistics at the end it will only count whether you saved Omid, or did something else. If you want to help Omid, look to the right and pull him up (Grab: Omid). If you want to help Christa, look to the left and also pull her up (Grab: Christa).

Can you save Sam in The Walking Dead?

After biting her arm, Clementine can beat him with the can or stab him with the knife, and kick Sam into some tent spikes, immobilizing the dog. Clementine has the option to put Sam out of his misery or to walk away, leaving him to bleed out. No matter what Clementine chooses, Sam will die either way.

Who is the traitor in The Walking Dead game?

It was Ben. When you’re on the train with just kenny, ben, clementine and the hobo, talk to ben but don’t ask him if it was him. As you leave, he’ll admit it was him. He said he did it because they lied to him about having some of his friends.

Why did they kill Clementine?

As it turns out, Clementine didn’t die at the end of TWD. AJ hacked off her mauled and bitten leg, and then (apparently) cauterized the wound to prevent her from bleeding out. AJ was able to get her back to the boarding school in (mostly) one piece, leaving our series protagonist disabled, but still very much alive.

Will Clementine meet Rick?

Unsurprisingly, this has many fans of the game and show question as to whether a version of Clementine would ever meet up with Rick Grimes and his group, either in the AMC show or the comics. When Kirkman was asked this at San Diego Comic-Con, (hat tipComic Book), he gave this response: “No.

What race is Clementine?

What ethnicity is Clementine from the Telltale Walking Dead series? – Quora. Clementine is supposed to be pure “African-American”. Since in the first season she was attached to Lee and often confused Lee as her father. And her skin was dark in first season.

What does Clementine’s hat mean?

Clementine’s Hat is the hat worn by Clementine during the apocalypse. The hat originally belonged to Clementine’s father, Ed who gave it to her before his death in Savanna and it has been present in every episode of each season.

What is Clementine’s full name?

Here’s the relevant part of the post: “Internally she was briefly “Clementine Crawford,” but then – completely unrelated – the folks developing the episode 104 story invented the neighborhood of Crawford. From that point on Clem officially had no last name.”

Who are Clementine’s parents?

Lee Everett

Who is Clementine’s mother?


Is Clementine’s story over?

After Season 4, Clementine’s story is over- the Walking Dead isn’t. — Telltale Community.

How old is Clementine now?

Clementine (The Walking Dead)ClementineFamilyEd (father) Diana (mother) Lee Everett (guardian) Alvin Jr. (adoptive/surrogate son)Age8-9 (Season One) 11 (Season Two) 13 (A New Frontier) 16 (The Final Season)7

Is AJ Alvin’s son?

Alvin Jr., nicknamed A.J., Alvie, or Goofball, is the deuteragonist of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. He first appears in Season Two, returns in Season Three with flashbacks, and later appears as the deuteragonist and a playable character of Season Four. He is the son of Rebecca and possibly, Alvin or Carver.

Why did telltale shut down?

Updated Septem: Telltale just announced that the studio is closing, and they’re only retaining 25 employees to fulfill obligations. The closure is attributed to poor sales. According to various Telltale Games employees, the developer is closing down soon and has laid off the majority of its employees.